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Grade 2 Titanium Tube always used at Heat Exchanger and pipeline

Grade 2 Seamless Titanium Tube

FD Titanium has over 15 years of experience with seamless titanium tubes. Our main product is the Gr.2 seamless tube, which meets the ASTM B338 and ASTM B861 standards. We have been the Pointed OEM Partner of BaoTi Group – the top titanium company in China – for many years because of our stable quality and good service.

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Titanium Grade 2 is a “commercially pure” titanium that is commonly used in applications that require welding due to its strong weldability properties. It is light weight and highly corrosion resistant but has much lower strength than titanium alloys. FD Titanium adheres to strict quality standards to produce titanium tube, ensuring that our customers’ requirements are met.

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Seamless Tube
titanium condenser

Application of CP Titanium Tube

CP titanium tubes are widely used in:

  • Heat exchanger
  • Condenser
  • Water treatment
  • Desalination
  • Evaporator
  • Heat pump for swimming pool
  • Exguast system
  • Pipelines
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Specifications of CP Seamless Tube

Standard: ASTM B338, ASTM B861
Grade: CP1, CP2, CP3, GR7, GR11, GR12, GR16, GR17
Outer diameter Range: 6mm ~ 250mm
Thickness Range: 0.5mm ~ 20mm
Length: Not exceed 15 Meters
Condition: Full Annealed
Tolerance: OD ±0.1mm, Avg Thickness: ±10% Min Thickness: +10%/-0
Extra Service: Cutting, Machining, Polishing, Bending

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Quality Control & Packing

titanium tube hydro test


titanium tube size inspection


titanium tube package



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