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All You Need to Know About Seamless Titanium Tube

About Titanium Seamless Tube

Titanium seamless pipe is a kind of long pipe with hollow section and no seams around, which is made of titanium alloy materials. At first, it was mainly used to make compressor components of aircraft engines and structural components of rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft. Since the mid-1960s, it has been gradually used in general industrial manufacturing fields such as electrodes in electrolysis industry, condensers in power stations, heaters for oil refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices.

This article provides information about Seamless Titanium Tube, including how it made, raw material choose. the out surface and inside surface control, how to inspect the seamless tubes, different titanium grade performance, Applications and why the price difference between manufacturers.

Titanium tube

Advantages of Titanium Seamless Tube

GoodSmall Orders

Seamless tubes is created via continuous cold rolling and annealing of a Hollow pipe, so it can be produced in small batches, with a minimum order quantity of about 100Kg. As more is ordered, efficiency increases and unit heat treatment cost decreases, resulting in lower prices.

GoodHeavy Wall Thickness

Seamless titanium tubes tend to have small diameters and wall thicknesses, typically less than 114mm for the diameters and up to 20mm for the wall thickness. This is hard achievable with welded pipes, which are limited to a max wall thickness of 1.2mm for small diameters.

Good Corrosion Resistance

The performance of seamless pipe is relatively uniform without weld restriction. In many cases, due to the difference of stress and grain between welding material and base material, the weld is most prone to problems under the corrosion of corrosive liquid for a long time

GoodDeep Machining

Many titanium parts need to be bent, turned, punched, etc., and have certain requirements on the wall thickness of titanium pipes. Due to the limitation of the wall thickness of welded pipes, most parts that need to be machined will choose titanium seamless pipes.

GoodTitanium Alloy Tubes

Till now, Titanium alloy tubes are exclusively seamless due to their strength and hardness. it is difficult to roll up to make welded pipes. Welded pipes cannot be made from Ti-3Al-2.5V and Ti-6Al-4V because of welding and use limitations.

GoodBetter Bearing Pressure

Generally, seamless pipes are used for pressure bearing parts, because seamless pipes can be made with a greater wall thickness than welded pipes, and will not be affected by weld cracking under the same conditions

Raw Hollow Tube Blank

Usually, there are two types of titanium tube blank production, Press Extrusion and Rotary piercing. The earliest and most mature method used in China is extrusion method, while the Rotary piercing method has also been used in recent years due to its high productivity, simple equipment and high material utilization rate.

The difference between Extrusion and Rotary piercing is the price and blank size. The blank from extrusion is expensive about 3000USD/T, but it can make the small size hollow, it can reduce much process cost when cold mill. for some sizes of seamless titanium tubes, these 2 ways have almost closed price.

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titanium hollow pipe

How Titanium Tube Made

After the tube blank, the main work is continuous cold rolling and reducing until our finished product size. However, before cold rolling, we still have a lot of work to do, such as peeling the blank surface and boring the inner hole of the tube to ensure that the defects on the inner and outer surfaces are removed. In addition, after each cold rolling, vacuum heat treatment is required to prepare for the next cold rolling. And control the mechanical properties of the final product. After the finished product is completed, it is all kinds of tests, visual tests, dimension tests and various non-destructive tests (Eddy Current, Hydrostatics, Ultrasonic, Pnuematic Tests).

Finally Fixed Cutting the tubes and packed it in strong wooden cases to protect the tube.

Surface Control of Seamless Tube

There are many defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube blank. If they cannot be cleaned up early, the surface defects will change with the rolling length, and more and more areas will have defects, which will affect the quality of the final titanium tube. Therefore, after initial rolling, we will remove the defects on the outer surface of the titanium tube by peeling and remove the defects on the inner wall of the titanium tube by boring.

The right figure shows the difference between the boring surface and the non-boring surface.

Titanium Tube comparing

Tolerance Control for Seamless Tube

According to the production for many years, FD Titanium provides precise control of tolerance, surpassing international standards. Outer diameter tolerance is +/– 0.05mm, and wall thickness is kept within 0.08mm. ASTM B338 or B861 require +/– 10% of wall thickness. We can also customize average or minimum wall thickness to customer's needs.

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Inspection of Titanium Tube

Measurements for the wall thickness and diameter of the tube can be taken to ensure that the tube is up to the required specifications. Additionally, if the tube is intended for use in a pressurized system, it can be tested with a hydrostatic test, which involves filling the tube with water and pressurizing it to ensure that it is leak-proof. Pneumatic test is to fill the pipe with pressurized gas underwater to ensure if any leak not tested by hydrostatic test, Finally, any potential flaws can be detected using non-destructive testing techniques such as Eddy Current Test and ultrasonic Test.

FD Titanium promise all tubes from us will tested by Hydrostatic test, Pneumatic test, Eddy Current Test and Required Ultrasonic Test if needed.

Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 9 Performance Comparison

Titanium contains many grades, but only a few are commonly used. They have different properties and different uses. Grade 2 is the most commonly used titanium pipe material, accounting for more than 90% of the titanium pipe consumption. Grade 1 is also pure titanium, which is softer than Grade 2, and is used in places where bending or ripple processing is required. Grade 7, Grade 12 and Grade 16 are added trace elements on the basis of pure titanium to enhance corrosion resistance. Grade 9, also known as Ti-3Al-2.5V, has high tensile strength and is suitable for bicycle frames and aviation systems. Some of it will also be used for deep-sea sensors, Grade 5, also known as Ti-6Al-4V, has a higher strength than Grade 9. Generally, the titanium tube made of this material is used for the titanium shell of deep-sea parts, which can withstand a lot of pressure to ensure that the system inside the tube shell is not affected, and titanium is not magnetic and will not interfere with the internal electromagnetic system.

Titanium GradesTensile (Min)Yields (Min)Elongation (Min)
Grade 1240 Mpa170 Mpa24
Grade 2345 Mpa275 Mpa20
Grade 9 – Annealed650 Mpa483 Mpa15
Grade 9 – CWSR860 Mpa725 Mpa10
Grade 5895 Mpa828 Mpa10

Why Price different much?

Many times, the prices of the same product from different suppliers vary greatly. Many customers will ask why your prices are so expensive? Or why are their prices so low?

The main reason for this is the complexity of the production process of seamless titanium tubes. There are many costs involved, such as the cost of using new raw materials, the cost of using recycled materials, the cost of peeling and boring the tubes which will reduce 8% yields, and the cost of inspection of the intermediate pass. These all affect the efficiency and yield of the production.

titanium tube
PMI Testing

What We Offer?

FD Titanium offer kinds of Seamless Titanium Tubes. For custom and specialist tubes contact our sales team for further information.

  • Tube Specification:   ASME SB338, ASTM B861, AMS4943 or Custom Requirements
  • Grades Materials: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 12, Grade 16
  • Seamless Tube Dimensions:
  •                      Outer Diameter Range: 6 – 114 mm
  •                      Wall Thickness Range: 0.4 – 15 mm
  •                      Length Range: < 18000 mm

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