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Titanium Welded Tubes

FD Titanium offer Titanium Welded Tubes which used for Heat-Exchanger and Condensors

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FD Titanium is a Titanium Welded Tubes Supplier that offers Titanium Welded Tubes and Nickel Alloy Welded Tubes. Titanium Tube materials are Grade 1 and Grade 2, Nickel Alloy Tube materails are INCLOLOY, INCONEL, Hastelloy. These welded tubes are suitable for low-pressure applications and pipeline systems. FD Titanium is also a supplier of the titanium strip and Nickel Alloy strip which are the main raw materials of welded tube.

What we offer

Specification: ASTM B338, ASTM B862

Grade: Grade 1, Grade 2, INCOLOY 800/825/840, INCONEL 600/625, Hastelloy C276

Size: OD 6mm ~89mm , Thickness 0.3mm ~3mm

Advantage : Better Surface, High Precision and Uniform Wall Thickness

FD Titanium also offer the tubes according to your customed requirements on tolerance, hardness, surface etc. will try our best to serve your demand.

Titanium pipe

Why Titanium?

Low density, High strength and High specific strength
The density of titanium is 4.51g/cm3, 57% of that of steel. Titanium is less than twice as heavy as aluminum, and its strength is three times greater than aluminum. The specific strength (strength/density ratio) of titanium alloy is the largest among common industrial alloys, and the specific strength of titanium alloy is 3.5 times that of stainless steel; 1.3 times of aluminum alloy; The magnesium alloy is 1.7 times of that of the aerospace industry, so it is an indispensable structural material.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Titanium's passivity depends on the presence of oxide film, which makes it more resistant to corrosion in oxidizing media. However, it is more vulnerable to high-rate corrosion in reducing media. Some corrosive media that titanium will not be affected by include seawater and wet chlorine. In other corrosive media, however, titanium is more likely to be affected by high-rate corrosion. Titanium is resistant to corrosion when it is exposed to strong sulfuric acid or nitric acid, or to a mixture of these, even if it contains free chlorine. A protective oxide film is often formed when titanium touches water, even if it contains only a small amount. If titanium is not exposed to enough water, it will oxidize and cause a violent reaction, even spontaneous combustion.

Great Heat Resistance
The properties of aluminum and stainless steel are generally lost at 150 and 310 degrees, while titanium alloy's mechanical properties are good at around 500 degrees. However, when the aircraft's speed increases by 2.7 times the sound speed, it will cause the aircraft's surface temperature to reach 230 degrees, which is too hot for aluminum and magnesium alloys to be used, and titanium alloy will meet the requirements.

Great Low-temperature Performance
The strength of some titanium alloys increases with the decrease of temperature, but the plasticity decreases little. They still have good ductility and toughness at low temperatures, and are suitable for use at ultra-low temperatures.

Titanium is nonmagnetic. It is used for the shell of submarine and some marine electrical products, and will not cause electromagnetic interference.

Low Thermal Conductivity
The thermal conductivity of titanium is only 1/5 of steel, 1/13 of aluminum and 1/25 of copper. Poor thermal conductivity is a disadvantage of titanium, but this feature can be used in some cases.

Titanium is easily oxidized at high temperature
Titanium has a strong binding force with hydrogen and oxygen. Pay attention to prevent oxidation and hydrogen absorption. Titanium welding shall be conducted under argon protection to prevent pollution. Titanium tubes and thin plates shall be heat treated in vacuum, and the micro oxidizing atmosphere shall be controlled during the heat treatment of titanium forgings.

Low Damping Resistance
Use titanium and other metal materials (copper, steel) to make clocks of the same shape and size. When each clock is knocked with the same force, it will be found that the titanium clock oscillates for a long time, that is, the energy given to the clock by striking is not easy to disappear. Therefore, we say that titanium has low damping performance.

How to Make welded titanium tube

Titanium strip cleaning → Tube Forming → Welding → Eddy current for welds → Online annealing → Straightening → Eddy current Test → Laser Measurement → Online Marking → Fixed length cutting → Ultrasonic Test → Plain Ends → Pneumatic test → Final inspection → Packaging and Warehousing

Any requirements let us know ?

Titanium Welded VS Seamless Titanium

In China, Titanium seamless tubes is relatively mature. In terms of tubes requiring high pressure resistance and structural stress, Heavy Thickness titanium seamless tubess are generally used. Due to low yield and long delivery of seamless titanium tube, welded tube has become the trend of the industry, showing more and more comprehensive advantages. In Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, titanium welded tubes is gradually replacing titanium seamless tubes.

The mechanical properties are basically the same

Take heat exchanger and condenser for example, titanium welded tube and titanium seamless tube almost same in chemical composition, mechanical properties. With the progress of titanium welding and heat treatment technology, online heat treatment process is adopted after welding. By optimizing the welding and annealing processes, the microstructures of base metal, weld and heat affected zone are basically close to each other, and the welding stress is eliminated to homogenize the weld microstructure. Through comparison, it is found that the weld composition of titanium welded pipe is basically the same as that of the base metal, and the mechanical properties and anti-corrosion properties of the weld are the same as those of the base metal.

Surface better than Seamless Titanium Tube

Titanium welded tube is welded by cold rolling strip, with uniform wall thickness, good concentricity, good finish and no scaling in the tube. Inspecially the thin thickness titanium tube. seamless tubes are hard to reach. But welded tubes are easy to make the thickness at 0.5mm or 0.3mm. It saves a lot of materials and costs. At the same time, due to the thin wall thickness of titanium welded tube, higher heat transfer coefficient and better heat transfer effect can be obtained.

Outstanding Advantages in Cost and Environmental

Titanium Seamless Tube proceed by Cold rolled, It make the Yields very low But welded tubes can keep yields more than 95%. that why welded tubes have much lower price than seamless titanium tubes. and fast delivery
The Process of Seamless Tubes have lots of oil, Pickling, and much human power, Titanium welded pipe is produced continuously in large quantities through an automated production line, with stable quality and high production efficiency. In addition to certain energy consumption such as water and electricity, the production process has almost no pollution to the environment.

High Performance Titanium Tubes

FD Titanium not only offer round titanium tubes, Welded Titanium tubes also make kinds of high performance tube like low finned tubes, ribbed tubes and enhanced surface tubes.

stainless high performance tube
stainless ribbed tube
Stainless low finned Tube
Stainless Tube



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