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Low Finned Tubes

Optimized surfaces for a highly efficient heat transfer

Optimized surfaces for a highly efficient heat transfer

stainless ribbed tube

Internal Ribbed Tube

Stainless low finned Tube

Low Finned Tube

stainless high performance tube

Low Finned and Ribbed Tube

Stainless Low Finned Tube

Enhancing Surface

About High Performance Tubes

FD Titanium rolls forming technology produces a high density, integrally cold formed fin on the outside surface of a tube and grooving the ribs on the inside surface which can dramatically improve heat transfer efficiency.

Furthermore, in those cases where corrosive cooling water or process stream necessitates the use of titanium, stainless steels, or high nickel alloys, High Performance Tube has proven to offer dramatic cost savings over conventional bare tube.

The enhanced surface tubes made by FD Titanium have been optimized for use as condenser or evaporator tubes in shell-and-tube heat exchangers used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. These can be designed to be much more compact, saving you energy, installation space and materials.

  • Highest efficiencies
  • Significantly higher heat transfer coefficients
  • Precise thermal design
  • More compact and lighter heat exchangers
  • Significantly reduced filling quantities
  • Saving energy and Materials

Why Recommend?

FD Titanium offers the High Performance Tube include the Welded Tubes and Seamless Tubes, The Materials include Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Aluminium and Copper Brass.

The heat transfer area betwwn the fluid and the wall is increased, and the total heat transfer of the tube is increased.

  1. It improves the contact efficiency between fluid and wall.
  2. Destroy the development of fluid thermal boundary layer and enhance the heat transfer capacity of tube.
  3. The resistance of vapor molecules diffusing to the surface of the liquid film is reduced.
  4. Good hydrophilicity can reduce the thickness of water film and increase the heat transfer area.
  5. The contact maket between the fluid and the wall can be increased within a certain range, which has a good effect of enhancing heat transfer.
Stainless Ribbed Tubes
High Performance Tube

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Titanium tubes

Titanium Grooved Tube

Low finned Titanium Tube

Stainless Finned Tube

Titanium Ribbed Tube

Stainless Ribbed Tube

Stainless Low Finned Tube

Stainless Corrugated Tube

Rib effect coefficient: 180% ~300%

High Performance Tubes

High Performance Tube

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