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Are You Looking For Titanium Tube ? Titanium tubing is a very strong and light material for any application. It is used in many industries because it’s very durable, corrosion resistant and provides good stiffness. It has higher strength than aluminum, has lower density than stainless steel and weighs less per unit volume than copper. FD Titanium has more than 15 years’ experience on titanium tube manufacturing. We offer the tubes with good quality and good price. If you have any question or request. Please let us know by sending email to [email protected] What is a Titanium Tube? You may have seen these things before, but do you know what they are? A titanium tube is a hollow cylinder that’s been made by titanium. Titanium is an extremely strong metal and can be used in many different ways, including as a part of airplane parts or to make weapons like the gun. It’s also lightweight, resistant to corrosion and doesn’t rust easily. But why would anyone want such a thing? Well for starters, the cost of manufacturing them is high—if you want one made from titanium then expect it to cost upwards of $50 per kilo. But if you’re looking for something more affordable there are other options available; both aluminum and stainless steel tubes will work just fine! Specifications of Titanium Tube Titanium tube is a very strong material. Its weight is about 1/2 that of stainless steel and its tensile strength is much greater than any other metal. It has excellent corrosion resistance and be usually used for Ocean applications; industrial uses include aerospace engine parts and nuclear reactor components; military applications include missile nose cone shrouds, heat shields for rockets etc., civil applications include bicycle frame, golf shaft, wheelchair frame, teacup etc., Below are the commonly used…


Titanium Tubing on Bicycle Frame


Why Seamless 3AL-2.5V Titanium Tubing ? In addition to unalloyed titanium, which is called commercially pure or CP, there are two alloys commonly used in the cycling industry today: 3AL-2.5V and 6AL-4V. CP has half the strength of 3-2.5. A CP frame must be made heavier than an equivalent 3AL-2.5V frame in order to have comparable strength. Even most steels used in high quality frames have higher strength than CP. 6AL-4V tubes are not seamless. only heavy thickness tubes, 6/4 titanium has a greater tensile strength but it’s very hard to weld. they are rolled from a sheet and welded at the joint. What does that mean? It means that there is a potential failure point at the welded seam. Therefore, we don’t recommend using this type of tubing. 3AL-2.5V titanium is an alloy consisting of 3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium, and 94.5% pure titanium. The properties critical to bicycle tubing are best served by a high quality 3-2.5 seamless tube. Excellent fatigue life, property consistency, formability, and corrosion resistance are but a few of the reasons 3-2.5 is still the premier frame material. Nothing Looks Like Titanium Tubing The unique performance of titanium material makes it an excellent material for making bicycle frame. Its high strength, low density, low elastic modulus, excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance make the titanium alloy frame made not only very strong and durable, but also very light. Titanium does not break, rust, or corrode in any atmospheric environment. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion that it doesn’t even need any paint treatment. We just lightly rub the surface to brighten up its natural color. Nothing Rides Like Titanium Tubing Titanium, like steel, has an inherent flexibility, but it’s more pronounced. As a result, it has a very slight elasticity, which means it can absorb…